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Located in the New Tampa area, we have a piano-focused state of the art building with beautiful grand pianos for all private piano lessons and piano laboratory for our piano group classes. We provide one of the best piano lessons coaching classes in Tampa
TAILORED INSTRUCTION: We will not just place you in any piano lesson or with any instructor. Our Academy’s founder, Dr. Jain interviews every prospective student to make sure you are placed in the program that best fits your learning needs, and with the optimal teacher for their learning style and musical goals. Whatever be the age of your child or whether they have had training before or not, we can find a place for them in our Piano Academy.
CONCEPT BASED CURRICULUM: Forget about the usual way piano is taught. Most piano teaching focuses on teaching pieces of music, technique, or even prepare for examinations and festivals. Our teaching is concept based. Our students learn specific musical concepts at each level of development, resulting in creating independent learners who own these musical concepts, therefore our students can learn pieces of music on their own and have music in their lives long after they stop taking piano lessons.
RECEIVE A COMBINATION OF ONE ON ONE AND GROUP INSTRUCTIONS: There are elements of music that are best learnt in groups and others in private lessons. By combining the two, we optimize music learning and create a fun and collaborative environment for our children.
LEARN ON GRAND PIANOS: with the development of technology, digital keyboards have become popular. However, when it comes to learning how to play the piano, digital keyboards are ‘imitation’ of acoustic pianos. Grand pianos are the optimal way of learning how to play the piano. If you learn how to play the piano using a grand piano, you can play keyboards; but the same is not always true the other way around. Come learn how to play the piano at our New Tampa located piano academy. Your technique, sensitivity to sound production and musical taste will thank you for it.
LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO ONLY FROM QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS: Some people may feel that learning how to play the piano, especially in the earliest stages, can be taught be someone who ‘knows piano.’ The field of piano performance stretches all the way from Bachelor’s, Master’s, then Doctorate degrees. The career is very long because it takes that long to become a specialist in the area of piano performance and piano teaching. If you have ever tried teaching someone else how to do something you already know well how to do, you soon realized that the fact that you know how to do something does not mean that you can teach someone else how to do it. Here is where the field of pedagogy comes in. Our piano teachers hold Master’s or Doctorate Degree in Piano. In addition, they receive the necessary training to sharpen their communication skills so that they may teach in the way in which our students naturally learn.We provide best piano lessons for children in Tampa
LEARN PIANO USING A GRADED PROGRAM: At our New Tampa located piano academy, we teach using a system that takes you from level 1 through 10, of piano playing, at your own pace. When learning to play the piano it is best to learn in a way similar to that which we did when we learnt how to read: gradually, one level at a time. This type of piano learning enables our students to build their musical foundation while learning how to play pieces of music that they enjoy.
WE KNOW EACH ONE OF OUR STUDENTS BY NAME: We have only one location, because our goal is not enrollment numbers but quality. Our Piano Academy’s founder and director is not an administrator. Dr. Jain gets to work with all of the piano students in the Academy, on a regular basis. The Academy’s faculty hold weekly meetings to touch base on how our students and our teaching is going. The Academy operates as a big family, and Dr. Jain follows each student’s development very closely. 

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