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Meet the founder

Dr. Judith Jain recognizes the need for high quality music education at the piano from the very beginning stages; an education that apply principles of piano performance, psychology, learning styles, and child development. “High quality instruction should not be reserved for college level. We have a responsibility to teach music in a way that is joyful, contributes to the development of the human being, and instills high standards in our students,” Dr. Jain asserts.  Most believe that good quality education should be reserved for those who are called 'talented.' Dr. Jain believes that the talented one should be the instructor: “If you (the instructor) are really that good, then you should be able to teach anyone how to play the piano proficiently.”

New Tampa Piano and Pedagogy Academy promotes an environment of growth, for both students and faculty members. Yamaha Pianos supports the Academy’s educational mission by providing state of the art grand pianos, supporting upright pianos, and the latest Clavinova Digital Piano Laboratory, which is used for group classes and ensemble rehearsals. 


We believe that all students may learn how to play the piano well, given the right instruction. Our job is to tap into the student’s potential. What we require from our students is the desire to learn and time spent at home practicing. We believe in cultivating a positive relationship with our students while creating an environment that encourages and facilitates learning, discipline and happiness.

We believe that the lessons of music correspond with the lessons of life. That is why we strive to teach each student the way he learns, and watch them grow both personally and musically. We make every effort to touch on each element of musicianship in every lesson, because our goal is not to teach the reproduction of music, but to develop musical knowledge and appreciation.


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