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Oldet Ibo

Mr. Oldet Ibo completed his Masters Degree  Piano Performance at Syracuse University. During that time, Mr. Ibo held the position of Teaching Assistant, contributing to the University as a piano instructor and  piano accompanist. Prior to that, Mr. Ibo’s Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance was completed in his home country of Albania.
Mr. Ibo made his Carnegie Hall debut in 2022. In addition,  he has participated in competitions as well as  concertized  internationally in Albania, Italy, Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo. His training has been influenced by Ida-Tili Trebicka, and has received Masterclasses from icons of the filed such as Irina Zahharenkova, Heribert Koch, Franco Bruno, Rebecca Penneys, Dolores Gadevsky, Michelle Can and others.
Mr. Ibo believes that the 88 keys of the piano are the entire universe, through which, each of us creates our own.

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