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This rating evaluates Russian bookmakers according to their offers for those wishing to bet on esports events: CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2 and other games. This rating of the bookmaker can be considered subjective, but when forming it, we tried to take into account the maximum of points that are important for most players: the choice of rates, the list, the amount of margin, as well as the limits https://esportbetweb.com/. Esports is a team or individual computer game based competition that spans many different disciplines. The most popular among players and fans are games in the following genres: First person shooters (CS: GO, Call of Duty); MOBA games (Dota 2, League of Legends); Sports simulators (FIFA, NBA 2K); Fighting (Street Fighter, Tekken). There are also regular competitions for games that do not fall into any of the above categories, such as Fornite, PUBG, Hearthstone and others. In Russia, esports has received the status of an official sport several times: for the first time - in 2001 (earlier than anywhere else in the world). However, 5 years later, he was excluded from the All-Russian register of sports due to non-compliance with the new requirements at that time. The final recognition on the territory of the Russian Federation came to cybersport only 10 years later, in 2016. Like the sport itself, eSports betting is gaining more and more popularity among Russians. Interest in games and tournaments is no longer limited to watching streams: a significant part of fans want to predict the results of matches and bet money on them. Of course, bookmakers are doing their best to satisfy these growing demands.

"Dr. Jain is wonderful! My daughter has flourished in piano and I look forward to having my second child begin with Dr. Jain. As a busy working mother of three, it is challenging to find a teacher who will work within my schedule as well. Not only is Dr. Jain an incredible teacher, she works with the parents in providing accessible times for lessons for those with not so much flexibility. She is a gift to the Tampa area!"

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