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Highest State Scores in the Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations for 2016

The Academy’s policy never centers the student’s piano teaching around test-taking. Musical concepts and the joy of playing piano stand at the forefront. Whether a student prepares an early preparatory RCM level or the highest level 10, the teaching philosophy remains the same. Pavani Parashar is the award recipient for Prep A Piano, and Phu Doan is the recipient for Prep B piano. These students were awarded the State Certificate of Excellence because they received the highest marks in the entire state of Florida.


To receive the prestigious award, students from all over the State (and also country) prepare and test for their respective RCM level. After a short wait, the highest exam marks are determined statewide by Royal Conservatory of Music examiners who travel nationwide and provide feedback to the young performers on their piano technique proficiency and the mastery of piano repertoire. 

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